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Asbestos Roof Replacement


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What we Can Do

If you’ve got an asbestos roof, it might be time to replace your roof with something better, and safer. Asbestos, once previously thought to be good for roofing, is dangerous and its fibres carcinogenic.

We have the skills, experience and specialist equipment to make asbestos roof removal easy. We can remove your roof and replace it with a roof of your choosing, working to ensure the safety of you and your family.

Why Do You Need To Remove Asbestos?

  • Ensure no asbestos-related illness occurs to your family or visitors
  • Increase the value of your propert
  • Stops airborne fibers floating around your property
  • Remove unnecessary weight to your roof structure
  • Safeguard collected tank rainwater from contamination
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Asbestos was a very popular building product during the 1950s and ’60s. It was mined, manufactured and used extensively in the construction and building industry in Australia during this period.

Many of Australia’ old houses and other buildings used asbestos in their construction, as it was considered to be great for roofing. It’s insulative properties made it a choice material for roofs across the country.

However, asbestos is incredibly toxic. Its fibres cause cancer of the lungs and make living under an asbestos roof incredibly dangerous. Over time, asbestos roofs break down, causing particles to come free, some of which will find their way into your lungs, causing lasting damage. Replacing your asbestos roof is essential.

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Asbestos is a very hazardous fibre that has life-threatening dangers. The process of asbestos roof removal requires professional hands and the utmost of care taken to ensure that it is done correctly and safely.

If you are eager to increase the value of your home and require a professional asbestos removal service, we are here to help you. We specialize in offering complete asbestos removal services. Our trained professionals can offer fast removal service in a safe and efficient way. We ensure that all debris is removed and no mess is left behind.

Asbestos removal is taken very seriously and our procedures meet both Worksafe Victoria and the Environmental Protection Authority ( EPA ) standards. Special protective clothing, gloves and face masks are worn during the removal, the area is then vacuumed to ensure no fibres or hazardous materials are left behind.

best asbestos roof replacement

If you have an asbestos roof, we can remove and replace your roof with your choice of roofing, the most popular of which is Colorbond. Our complete asbestos roof replacement service includes:

  • Careful removal of the asbestos roof with specialised tools
  • Disposal of the asbestos
  • New roof construction with the material of your choice

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Our team is made up of roofing experts; tilers, builders and plumbers that can carry out first-class work on your roof. Each member of our team is qualified, licensed and ready to provide a fantastic service.

All our asbestos roof removals are carried out in accordance with Australian health and safety standards, the Victorian Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Environmental Protection Authority. We also have complete insurance coverage for all our jobs.

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